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Welcome to Cowpathy ! Wellness through mother cow.

What organic products are made using Cow Dung and Cow urine

Today the world is looking at the new era of organic and natural products which are chemical free and harmless. We at CowPathy.com offer you 100% organic and natural cow products. We believe and emphasis ‘wellness through mother cow’. If nature has offered us organic and natural elements why not making use of it should be done for wellness of humanity.

Here we have wide verities of cow products like cow dung soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, shaving creams, sunscreens, face washes, teas, incense dhoop sticks and bio fertilisers are the major cow dung and cow urine products which are present in the market and are now it’s available on our website cowpathy.com

Cow Dung is known for its anti-bacterial properties, cow dung can be used as a body pack for detoxification and prevention of pimples. In its dry and powdered form, cow dung is used to treat skin diseases. it reduces infection and improve blood circulation & more. Cow dung & urine is natural and harmless it detox and makes skin look healthier it can also be used as antibiotic & more

Endless benefits and amazing results on human body. Start adopting organic and natural products. Shop with Cowpathy.com and experience the change in your lifestyle. We are sure you will start loving organic and natural products.