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Drinking Distilled Cow urine (Ark) 500ml FGS


Drinking Distilled Cow urine (Ark) 500ml FGS

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Cow Dung Radiation Chip



Made From: Cow Dung of Indigenous Cows

This chip when stuck Behind Mobile

1)      Cut down harmful radiation

2)      Prevents radiation to harm human brains

3)      It doesn’t interfere in radio signals, but minimises its injurious effect.

4)      Reduces heating of phone.


Description: Chip contains mixture of herbs, Cow dung from forest grazing indigenous cows and certain ingredients that help enhance ant radiation effect of Cow dung.

Usage: As it is in the form of a centre tag embedded in an acrylic sheet having a shape of cow, one just needs to peel of the covering tape of 2 way tape on back side of the chip and paste it on

Gadgets like: Back of Mobile phone, and electric wire entry points or sensors of gadgets like refrigerator, Air conditioners, Greaser, computer, electronic sockets to name few.

Benefits: Cow dung Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Chip helps absorbs and screen electromagnetic radiations and brings it to the range where this radiation becomes safe for humans


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