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Drinking Distilled Cow urine (Ark) 500ml FGS

100% Distilled Cow urine



Drinking: For best benefit: Mix 5 ml to 10 ml in a glass of water, and drink empty stomach, after passing stool but before 7am. Or taken as directed by physician.
Bathing: Take 15 to 20 ml (2 cap size) in 20 litres (Big bucket full of water). It strengths body aura.
Sprinkling in Home: Take 15 to 20ml in 1 litter bottle of water. Sprinkle it in the corners inside and outside the home and at the entrance.
Rinsing: Take equal amount with water. Rub to clean fruits and vegetables in order to denature chemical on the surface. Rinsing & rubbing as mouth wash after brushing protects gums and teeth.
Swabbing: Take it in the cap, dip clean cotton and you can clean would, acne, makeup, infection or even disinfect kitchen or operation table. Swabbing acts as deodorant.
Insecticide: Mix equal amount with water and spray it on plants. It also acts as fertilizer and boosts plant growth.

Benefits of Ark from Indigenous cows:
Purifies blood, removes toxins, balances Kaph-Vata-pitta, pushes impurities out of the body, cleans kidney, strengths liver, helps increase life span, increases immunity, helps fight diabetes, destroys Gas in body, clears constipation, indigestion, hernia, oral problem, Eczema, Psoriasis, fever, skin problems, wound infections, cough -cold, obesity, prevents cancer, it is antiseptic and it repels evil and brings auspiciousness.

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