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Hand MadeTropical Cow Urine Soap

It?s a designer Cow Urine soap, made using Soap in Soap technology. Distilled Cow Urine ark from indigenous cow, Aloe Vera, essential oils are blended at specific temperature before adding it to Saponified coconut soap base.



Description: Distilled Cow Urine ark, from indigenous cow, Aloe Vera and other herbs are blended at specific temperature before adding it to coconut soap base. The designs and pattern in the soap is made by specific hand made soap crafting procedure for making it appear attractive. In short it is a soap in a soap.
Features & Details
1) Foams excellent.
2) Makes Skin Soft and supple.
3) Anti bacterial bath.
4) Hydrates skin.
5) Smells Aromatic Essential oil.
6) Shelf Life 2years.

Product Information
Product type: Solid DesignerSoap
Shape: Round.
Skin Type: For all Skin Type
Age: From 2 years onwards.
Color: Red.
Variant: Tropical Fruits.
Smell: Energetic fruit punch.
Wt: 100g
Packing: Individual Shrink wrap and labelled.
Carton Size: 144 soaps per Master carton(10 soap x 5 variant).

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