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Tooth Paste 100g


Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder made using Nano Particles of Cow dung ash, herbs and essential oils.



Tooth powder has many essential nutrients that help strengthen and remineralize your teeth.
It?s made with ingredients that put minerals ? such as calcium, magnesium and potassium ? right back where you need them.
Your enamel will feel healthier than ever before.
The longer you use tooth powder, the healthier your gums will be. The chance of developing any gum problems will lessen.
You can rely on organic, natural ingredients to kill a lot of harmful bacteria and boost gum health.
Modern tooth powder is made with gentle ingredients. These ingredients are abrasive enough to clean the teeth without damaging your enamel.
Tooth powder doesn?t foam like toothpaste does. So it might feel much more abrasive than what you?re used to. But don?t worry ? tooth powder is gentle on your enamel.
When you spit out the tooth powder after brushing, you?ll remove many of those impurities.
Helps keep bad breath at bay.
Brush twice a day with Dirty Mouth Toothpowder to get a brighter looking, stronger feeling smile.

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