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About Us

About Us

Cowpathy (Earlier known as Bio Bliss) is a brand of Ravino Industries, a Mumbai Based company, that started with a boost to a basic desire to save the old and non milking cows, when a spiritual mentor Govinda Das asked him to introduce foaming cow dung soaps to a small group of the ISKCON community. 

Way back before 2014, cows were only visualised as a lumps of flesh or as milk producing machines, and the pink revolution was not banned. There was uproar on cow protection and volunteers were seizing trucks loaded with cows flesh. This was surely a way of cow protection that came to everyone's mind who worshiped and cared for the divine life.

But he wanted a more harmonised way where the root cause could be understood. Cow keepers were selling bulls, non- milking and old cows, as their maintenance was "NOT PROFITABLE" .

So the need was an economy which was based on something which could be bartered with a cow at any age of her life. There were volunteers who had started working in this field. He wanted to make action louder than his words.

Thus, 'Cowpathy' was born!


Cowpathy started utilising Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda to understand the significance of Pancha-Gavya (Cow Dung, Milk, Ghee, Curd and Cow Urine) coming out of Indian Indigenous Cows. We understood that these gavyas are not just ingredients, but are the stepping stones to a healthy living. These gavyas were somehow not used by so called civilized society due to its misunderstood and misinterpreted aroma and demeanour.

At Cowpathy, we innovate to make aromatic wellness products with these gavyas without changing any of its medicinal properties and make it available to the global market.

ETHINIC SOURCING: Cowpathy is the only company that supports any cow shelter homes, which care for rescued and healthy cows, along with the preservation of indigenous breeds of cows, by purchasing dung and urine from them at good rates.

By sourcing these gavyas from such shelter homes, we are not only creating sustainability for cows but also benefiting society by providing wellness products which are already part of our own tradition.

Standards followed:All Products are made as per FDA Guidelines, passes BIS norms, made as per ECO-Cert guidelines, manufactured in GMP certified Unit, Cruelty free, dermatological safe, Paraben free, SLS free, Sulphates free, Non Toxic, Organic and Bio- degradable ingredients, Non- CMO, 100% Vegetarian and many are Vegan.

All Gavyas are collected from healthy indigenous cows from cow shelter homes, where bulls and calves are cared along with old and non milking cows!

  • Yatvagasthi Catam Papam Dehe
  • Tishthti Mamke
  • Prasnat Panchgavyasya
  • Dahasagnirivendhnam
  • From Skin to bones
  • whatever diseases are in one's body
  • are destroyed by Panchagavya
  • just as fire destroys the fuel
  • Cow Dung
  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Curd and urine

collectively are called Panchagavya. These 5 have notably cured many diseases including Cancer

(Ref: Book: The holy Cancer, Available on Amazon)


A small Purchase of a cow products is a big step in saving. protecting and serving a cow! Who is not just a divine being, but also a hope for our return to healthy living!