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Some of The Surprising Uses Of Cow Dung In 2023

By :Umesh Soni 0 comments
Some of The Surprising Uses Of Cow Dung In 2023
Cow dung is an indigestible material released from the cow's intestine. Whether it is from animals or human feces, it is not a decent topic of conversation. In this case, cow dung is worth the discussion because of many reasons. Cow dung is a valuable material that helps in many ways. Cow manure is used as a fertilizer and as efficient biogas and fuel. Cow Products can be used as a building material and raw material for making paper and insect repellant. Manure is essential in the lives of animals, plants, and microbes. How Can Cow Dung Be Used In These Ways? Do Not Worry. In This Post, We Will Discuss The Uses Of Cow Dung In Detail:

What are the Uses of Cow Dung? Gomay Vasate Laxmi,

Goddess Laxmi resides in Cow dung, hence worshiping cow dung and keeping cow dung in one's pooja Later can attract the grace of Goddess Laxmi and Her Lord Sri Narayan.

  • As Main Ingredient In Yagya Or Fire Sacrifice:

3 things that are otherwise improve but used in Hindu pooja and worship in many other religions are a) Conch Shell, which is a bone of an animal, but still used in pure worship of Lord in temple, fact being its in a pure form because it doesn't get contaminated by blood and tissues as it is an external body part of an organism. b) Yak tail chamar fan, which otherwise is hair of an animal but is used during aarti and other religious events, as it never gets contaminated by excreta of the Yak, lastly COW DUNG which otherwise is stool of an animal, but is considered pure as it is devoid of infectious pathogens and diseases causing bacteria, is a main ingredient of yagya or fire sacrifice. 

  • Biogas and Fuel 

Dried cow dung is an excellent fuel. Cow Dung is collected, dried, and used as fuel in many parts of rural India. The dried piece is lit to provide flames and heat for cooking. Biogas is a mixture of gases produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. Cow dung, in this case, is digested by a biodigester and produces a gas that can be used as fuel.

  • Used As flooring, Building Material & Paper

In some communities, cow dung is smeared on the floor in rural homes. It is also applied to the walls. The mixture forms a waterproof layer that insulates the house from heat loss or gain. The crucial part is that the mixture does not smell. People also use cow dung to make bricks when mixed with straw. The bricks are lighter compared to the conventional ones. The residues from biogas production can be used to make fiberboard instead of sawdust. It contains sterilized fibers mixed with resins to make the board. The board has many uses, and the high fiber content enables people to make paper from dung. When the dung is cleaned, it produces fiber extracted, pressed, and pressed into paper on the screen.

  • An Insect Repellent and a Disinfectant 

When you burn cow dung, it produces Cow Dung Incense Dhoop that repels insects and mosquitoes. The feature has led to the deliberation of its use as an insect repellant. This can be an exciting fact. Unsterilized cow dung, however, contains microbes that are harmful to humans.

  • As Fertilizer 

Cow manure is a good source of fertilizer rich in minerals like nitrogen and phosphorous. The fertilizer supports the growth of microorganisms when mixed with soil. It also improves soil texture and maintains moisture.

  • Incense & Aroma

There is a lot of cow dung havan cups & Cow dung dhoop incense in the air, especially made using cow dung and herbs, that makes atmosphere spiritual. 

  • Personal Care and wellness Products

Companies like Cowpathy are making many certified personal care and wellness products from Cow dung which includes patented Cow dung soaps, Patented Panchagavya Soaps, Cow urine soaps, shampoo, face wash, Hair oil, Hair color, toothpaste and hand sanitizers. 

  • Anti radiation agent

Cow dung plays a very import role in screening harming radio magnetic radiation which radiates from mobile and electronic appliances, making it unsafe to use. Flooring of cow dung is an excellent agent for earthing, thus flooring with cow dung prevents harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Using a mobile chip made from Cow Dung ensures protection from electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones. 

  • As Medicine 

Ayurvedic text, explains elaborate the role of cow dung in healing many skin diseases, which normally cant be eradicated from the roots by other medicinal practices. 

  • As Mushroom growing agent, 

Sterile cow dung has been largely used by many companies in manufacturing all famous button mushroom, The mushroom grown on cow dung has been proved healthier than those grown on any other organic substances.

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